Bull Moose

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Large Bull Moose Trotting By | Taken on August 26, 2011 by AlaskaFreezeFrame Us National Parks, Wild Mustangs, Alaska Moose, Climb A Mountain, Alaska Photos, Bull Moose, Mountain Goat, Unforgettable Memories, Oh Deer

I really like getting pictures of Bull Moose coming towards me. I usually try to get ahead of them and let them come to me. I like shooting from a kneeling or squatting position. This allows me to get the shot from a low angle. Also, I can easily stand up and move to the side and out of the way. If possible I have a tree or something near by. In this shot I was out in an open area. As I had worked with this bull a lot, wasn’t to worried. I usually start shooting zoomed all the way in and…

Steve Belanger