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Southern DIY Diary: Burlap garland.. How-to! Wreaths, Hessian, Craftsman, Hessian Crafts, Diy, Burlap Garland, Burlap Projects, Burlap Ribbon, Burlap Crafts

My husband wanted to put the TV on the mantle, but I thought it just made the mantle look so drab. In this post I will show you how to make garland burlap which took my mantle from blah to southern and homey! Here are the materials you will need (found at Michael's craft store): Burlap ribbon 4-6 inches wide (Mine was around 4 inches wide). 30 yards total String Bobby pin Start by tying the string in a knot around the bobby pin. Cut the string about 4 feet long. Tie the opposite end of the…

Joyce Edgar