Burney falls

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Burney Falls. Discover the magic of this natural wonder and plan your visit to witness the mesmerizing cascade firsthand.
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For some reason, I always figured Burney Falls was one of those waterfalls that looks prettier in photographs than it does in real life (as so many waterfalls do). However, upon visiting Burney Falls for the first time this past October, I realized just how was mistaken I was. This waterfall blew me away.

Rose Vue
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I spent most of my life living in California. I grew up here and after spending some time away, returned as an adult. Thanks to the pandemic, I’ve been focusing on adventuring much closer to home. Now, even though I grew up here, most of the places I’ve visited in California, I’ve only just learned existed like Burney Falls. Thankfully, I recently learned for myself the best things to do in Burney Falls, and the best thing to see is one of the most beautiful waterfalls, not just in…