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Get rid of the cable clutter with these creative organization ideas. Discover smart solutions to keep your cables and wires tidy and easily accessible.
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Ultra Clarity Cables Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 25 ft, Outdoor&Indoor 10Gbps Ethernet Cable, High Speed Cat6 Cable RJ45 LAN Internet Cable for Computer, Router, Modem, PS4/5, Xbox, Gaming - Blue

About this item High Performance Cat6 Cable - The Cat6 ethernet cables 25ft supports frequencies of up to 500 MHz and high-speed 10GB internet connection for LAN network applications such as PCs,computer servers,printers,routers,switch boxes,network media players,NAS,VoIP phones and more, while remaining fully backward compatible with your existing network. Outdoor&Indoor Ethernet Cable - The cat 6 ethernet lan cable with RJ45 features 8 solid copper conductors 24 AWG. Each of the 4…

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Everything Is Distributed

By Courtney Nash In September 2007, Jean Bookout, 76, was driving her Toyota Camry down an unfamiliar road in Oklahoma, with her friend Barbara Schwarz seated next to her on the passenger side. Suddenly, the Camry began to accelerate on its own. Bookout tried hitting the brakes, applying the emergency brake, [...]