Cake boutique

Indulge in the delectable world of cake boutiques with these delicious and beautifully crafted cake ideas. Discover unique flavors and stunning designs that will leave you craving for more.
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I was excited to try Sweet Laurel Bakery Cake Shop in the Palisades, as I’m a huge fan of Laurel herself, as well as her delectable baked goods! Sweet Laurel recipes are all gluten, grain, & refined sugar free, & many are also vegan too, making them a delicious choice for anyone with allergi

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We support the liberation of bread and all baked goods from all unsightly plastic bags and from humiliatingly poor ingredients. Bread is important, essential and incredibly good and good for you when taken seriously. This does not mean complicated or gimmicky. In fact, the best breads, cookies and pastries are the ancient basics, traditional recipes lovingly passed on and sometimes improved by each generation. These gorgeous traditional breads deserve to be created, sold and enjoyed in…

Lucie Brök