Camille claudel

Discover the captivating sculptures and artwork of Camille Claudel, a talented artist who pushed boundaries and revolutionized the art world. Immerse yourself in her artistic journey and be inspired by her masterpieces.
Camille Claudel working on her Vertumnus and Pomona marble group (detail), about 1903. Photography, David Hockney, Camille Claudel, Camile Claudel, Auguste Rodin, Rodin, Famous Artists, Atelier, Rodin Sculpture

Celebrated for her brilliance during a time when women sculptors were rare, Camille Claudel (1864–1943) was among the most daring and visionary artists of the late 19th century. Although she is remembered today for her dramatic life story—her passionate relationship with artist Auguste Rodin and 30-year internment in a psychiatric institution—her art remains little known outside of France. Including about 60 sculptures, this major exhibition seeks to reevaluate Claudel’s work and affirm her…

Josee B.