Candy bouquet diy

Learn how to make your own candy bouquet with these creative DIY ideas. Surprise your loved ones with a unique and delicious gift that they'll never forget.
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Hannah Milligan

Jay Bird was in his first theater production last weekend! Since it was the evening of our anniversary and we had booked one of the hardest places to eat in Atlanta weeks before hand (Staplehouse!)…

Judy Rogers
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The time of year that I see candy bouquets in stores is mostly around Valentine's Day. After looking at the price tags on them, I looked even closer to see if I could copy the technique and make some more inexpensively myself. Depending on the materials and candy that you choose, you can make candy bouquets in any price range. They are fun and easy plus folks are really thrilled to receive them. They can be tailored to any season and for lots of different reasons. Most traditional candy…

Paula Baughman
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Most candy bouquets that you see for sale are made with a vase but did you know that you can also use a box (or boxes) to use as a candy bouquet base? Your candy bouquet in a box can be large or small. In addition to an attractive box (or boxes) you will need wrapped candy, clear tape, wooden skewers and some type of solid foam (styrofoam or floral). The foam part of this project can be pricey depending on your size box. These foams came from Dollar Tree. The difference between a box of…

nikki franklin
How To Make A Soda Can Candy Bouquet- fun party centerpiece and gift idea!

This is a fun project to make for party favors, teachers' gifts, or craft bazaars (which is what I am making them for). The fundraiser at my church is a few days before Valentine's Day so I made these with that theme in mind. This is an idea that is adapted from a blog post by Abby Lyn at Crafty Thoughts. All of the supplies for this project came from the Dollar Tree (except for the actual Coke...they only sell the larger size bottles and not cans at the Dollar Tree I go to.) I got enough…

LeAnn Porter Johnson | Crafty 2 the Core