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Explore the incredible story of Captain America, from his humble beginnings to becoming a symbol of heroism. Join the adventure and be inspired by the courage and patriotism of Captain America.
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Captain America's Shield is a vibranium shield that was extensively used by Steve Rogers. After the original shield was destroyed by Thanos during the Battle of Earth, Rogers traveled to an alternate timeline and acquired another shield, bestowing it to Sam Wilson. However, Wilson donated the shield to the Smithsonian's Captain America exhibit, where it was taken by the U.S. government and given to John Walker, the second Captain America. After Walker publicly murdered a man with the shield…

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Captain America was an American comics character created in 1941. Scrawny Steve Rogers was determined to serve his country despite being repeatedly rejected by the Army, and volunteered for a top secret experiment which transformed him into the USA's first super soldier! He had a lengthy career during the Golden Age of American comic books. Resurrected by Stan Lee in the pages of the Avengers in 1964 (having supposedly spent the intervening years frozen in an iceberg), he soon became a…

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