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Unlock your creativity with these innovative cardboard ideas for fun and budget-friendly DIY projects. Explore top ideas to repurpose cardboard and create unique and practical items.

Name: Laura Shaeffer, Andrew Nord, Jasper and Sebastian Location: Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois Size: 1,400 square feet Years lived in: 9 years; Owned Laura and Andrew’s modernist townhome is a part of a community near the University of Chicago campus. It has 2 floors, a basement, and a huge backyard accessible by the other houses in the community. Their house is HOME Gallery, an intersection between a living space, an art gallery, a community engagement center, a playground, and a school.

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There are so many interesting things that you can do it yourself. Use your creative part of yourself and make art. Find some material that is suitable for you and your character. We found very interesting material that is very easy to find and also is recycled. So you will help the eco system and… Continue Reading 30 Amazing Cardboard DIY Furniture Ideas

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