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A gallery of grotesque celebrity puppets from "Spitting Image" (1987) Ed Wood, Spitting Image, Funny Caricatures, Old Faces, Celebrity Caricatures, Funny Illustration, Sylvester Stallone, Hello Dolly, Caricatures

A group shot of royal puppets from Spitting Image England's bizarre satirical puppet show Spitting Image ran for an astonishing 132 episodes on ITV from 1984-1996. With its extremely topical parodies of politics and show business, the program was something like our Saturday Night Live... only with a much nastier edge and with all the celebrity parts being played by foam and latex doppelgangers of the rich and famous. These three-dimensional, often unflattering caricatures became the show's…

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This is out in the wild now so I can share it here. Earlier this month I did an illustration job for CNN for the newest of their entertainment documentary series entitled “History of the Sitcom”. This consisted of a LOT of caricatures of classic sitcom actors/characters, and it was a tricky thing to compose because I needed to do it in a way that allowed for both a vertical (above) and horizontal format: The folks at CNN gave me a list of the characters they wanted included. I don’t know…

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House to Robert De Niro, and he does caricatures of both celebrities and the characters they portray.In this post, you'll see some of the best Geoffroy has to offer, with caricatures including Bruce Willis, Leslie Nielsen and Stephen King, among many others. Hall in Dexter Hugh Laurie in House Bill Murray in Ghostbusters Kiefer Sutherland in 24 Matthew Fox in Lost Zach Braff in Scrubs Jean Reno Terry O'Quinn in Lost Bruce Willis in Die Hard Leslie Nielsen in The Naked Gun Mel Gibson and…

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