Cellar doors

Enhance the entrance to your cellar with these stunning door designs. Find inspiration for creating a welcoming and stylish space for your wine collection.
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LuciGold interior and exterior hidden floor doors and hatches. Now you see it! Now you don’t. Our lightweight all aluminum basement bulkhead doors are designed with gas springs, so our doors will never fall on your head! Rain and rust resistant. (508) 759-7346

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Many of you will recall that last March we had a little problem with the freeze/thaw cycle that prompted me to replace the right side wall with poured concrete in October. This last week or so I have finally removed the rocks that held the left side together and upon building my framework for pouring concrete it proceeded to rain for two days leaving me with an inch of mud in our basement and the added pleasure of having to remove the framework and re-dig several inches of mud out of the…

Susie Sams