Cereal pops

Try these creative and tasty cereal pops recipes. Enjoy a refreshing treat with your favorite cereals and flavors. Get inspired and make your own cereal pops today!
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If you've been following my Tweets over the weekend, you know that I was at the hospital up North with my Mom. She was taken there by ambulance Friday night with a few different problems. Thankfully, she is much better, but this post, however, is basically a get-it-off-my-chest post… It wasn't easy for me to […]

Miranda Hill
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With the rise of dual-income households, there’s a lot more delegating when it comes to household responsibilities. It’s no shocker than that Dads do a lot more of the family shopping at the grocery store— in fact, quite a few of them do. Dads, especially Millennials, are participating more in the upbringing of their children, […]

Sandy Verfaille