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Immerse yourself in the vibrant and unique art style of Charley Harper. Discover the beauty of his nature-inspired illustrations and let his artwork inspire your creativity.
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One of my favorite artists of all time is Charley Harper – his style was incredibly simple and clean while at the same time impressively precise at portraying birds and wildlife accurately. The famous quote by Charley Harper is “I don’t count the feathers in the wings; I just count the number of wings”. He might not have counted feathers, but he obviously paid close attention to detail. His bird depictions were good enough to now represent one of the most famous bird institutions in the…

Christine Skitt
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Featuring more than 80 prints, as well as original paintings, this exhibition provides a comprehensive look into the quirky, whimsical world of artists Charley and Edie Harper. Charley Harper is world famous for his signature style of ‘minimal realism,’ capturing the spirit of his subjects with elegantly spare visual elements. His work is nature-based, and

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On the day which would have been Charley’s 100th Birthday, we celebrate the incredible life and career of an artist who brought joy into the homes of many. “Life can be full of wild choices. To grow up in the countryside of West Virginia and choose to be an artist - wild! My father, Charley Harper, used to joke that h

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Queen Of Earth // I saw this film this week (on a school night, y'all) and I can't stop thinking about it. The depth reached in this character study is incredible. I can't help but think of how my students would devour it and analyze the heck out of it. Check out the trailer. Why Pronouns Matter // I love teaching grammar. (Honest. It's oddly thrilling for me.) I might order this to use for some added flavor in lessons. 14 Psychological Tricks Everyone Should Know // We're fascinating…

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