Chicago marathon

Get ready to conquer the Chicago Marathon with our ultimate guide. Find tips, training plans, and everything you need to know to have an amazing race day experience.
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The Chicago Marathon is one of the 6 Abbot World Major Marathon races. It is one of the largest marathons in the world. It is also an incredible experience and one of my favorite races. I have had the pleasure of running it 3 times, all of which were amazing. Here are my tips for the Chicago Marathon. Arrive earlier rather than later- This goes for both the expo and the starting line. The expo gets more crowded as days go on. Get there are early as you can, i.e. if you can go on the first…

Jessica Landon
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I heard a Chicago Marathon slogan, “Every Mile Is Magnificent” and I can’t argue with that. I had an AMAZING experience running the Chicago Marathon. I ran into a few issues, but much like childbirth, the painful memories are becoming distant and I’m already ready to do it again. The weather was perfect, a crisp 50 degrees with the sun out. There were approximately 50,000 runners. It took a little bit of time to get bags searched and into the secure area, but luckily I had allowed for extra…

Carol Gmed