Chicken saddle

Discover stylish and functional chicken saddles to protect your hens from injuries and pecking. Keep your flock happy and healthy with these top chicken saddle ideas.
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Making a chicken apron or hen saddle can certainly help stop bullying in your flock. People who keep hens will appreciate these nifty little garments that help stop chickens pecking and hurting each other. If they are made in bright colors it will make chickens, which blend into the undergrowth, easier to find and put in a safe coop for the night. The pattern is easy and can be made with elastic to fit onto the hen or you can use a snap fastener. Follow along for the steps to make this easy…

Leslie Zack
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I know you've all been waiting with bated (baited?) breath for the spring line. I could hardly stand the suspense my self! It took some doing, searching and researching, pinning, cutting, measuring, fittings with ill tempered models. Their agents squawking and crowing at the smallest adjustment. But now, without further ado, I give you.......................... Alright, I'm just not clever enough to keep up that shtick! I finally got chicken saddles made for some of my ladies. This is…

Alice Learue
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Handmade chicken saddle/ apron. These are great for protecting your hen from roosters, other hens, wing, cold and sunburn. This listing is for the green camo fabric chicken saddle/ chicken apron with black tail guard and wing guard. Size, not including tail guard/ wing guard, approximately 8 1/2” x 7 1/2.” I use 2 layers of breathable cotton (top and bottom) with a layer of interfacing in between. The interface provides some thickness for extra protection, a little stiffness to hold the…

Chrissy Scott