Chinoiserie interior design

Discover the beauty of Chinoiserie interior design and bring an elegant touch to your space. Explore top ideas to incorporate Chinoiserie elements and create a unique, sophisticated atmosphere.
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Have you ever wanted to bring Chinoiserie style into your home, but didn't know how? Well, here are my top 5 ideas to make your home more Chinoiserie chic, along with tips on how you can start with easy digital planning!

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A rare treasure, desired by many but out of reach of all but the most wealthy aristocrats and merchants. More valuable than gold, Chinese Porcelain; often just called china, decorated some of Europes’s finest palaces. It spurred many imitations, and at the height of its own popularity inspired a new decoration style called Chinoiserie.

Raji Kumar
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The Interior Design of a stunning 1920 apartment in the former French Concession in a colonial Style. Details & Objects from India, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Bali and China. A mix of Luxury & Casual atmosphere. All objects and materials have been sourced by Baptiste Bohu during his trips. A beautiful Ananbo panoramic Wallpaper is displayed in the living room

Emma Van Riemsdijk