Chocolate crumb crust

Take your desserts to the next level with these mouthwatering chocolate crumb crust recipes. Indulge in a heavenly treat with a perfect balance of chocolatey goodness and crunchy texture.
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Chocolate wafer cookie crusts are a delicious delivery vehicle for many different flavors of pie. They go particularly well with chocolate fillings, but can lend a wonderful contrast to fruity fillings, like a zesty key lime pie. It is easier to buy chocolate wafer crusts rather than to make them, ...

Leslie Drury
They don't make the oreo crumbs in the store anymore and making them with the cream inside makes my cheesecakes too greasy.  This is worth a try.

This homemade version of a chocolate cookie crumb crust blows the kind made with packaged cookies away! It's a perfect crust for cheesecakes, crumb crust pies, and tarts. It's a little extra work, but I promise, the pure chocolaty flavor and sweet/salty balance is worth it!

Denise LaPointe