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Enhance student learning and engagement with these creative choice board ideas. Explore how choice boards can empower students to take ownership of their learning and make meaningful decisions in the classroom.
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Last summer I attended a GT training and was introduced to choice boards! I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I think that students are more engaged and even challenge themselves more when they are given choices. The great thing is....they aren't just for GT students. Choice boards work similar to tic-tac-toe; the student completes 3 activities in a row {up, down, diagonal} They can be adapted for ALL students and actually lend themselves well to differentiated instruction. On Tuesday, I will be attending…

Jenny Anne Davis
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I love reading fall themed books but I do not always want them to be Halloween themed. So many children do not observe Halloween as a holiday. While I think it is okay to still talk about this holiday, I try to read books that will speak to each of the students in the classroom. Also, let's face it...if the student doesn't celebrate Halloween--they ask a whole lot of questions when we read Halloween books. Who can blame them? Below are my top five favorite fall/autumn read alouds. These are…

Jenifer Corley
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With the VERY sudden need for eLearning resources teachers and parents can become easily overwhelmed. As a technology teacher on special assignment and a parent of a second-grader (who is now at home for the next month), I can definitely relate. I know we all want to create meaningful online lessons and activities for our students, however, just like in the classroom we need some ready to use materials to fill in the gaps as we create. Choice boards are an excellent option for teachers…

Ditch That Textbook
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My 3rd grade ELA team has been doing amazing things lately! I've decided in order to post blogs about the great things we are doing--I must make my blogs short but meaningful! :) I am hoping that by doing this, I can blog more often! So here it goes... We are revamping the way we are doing our interventions for our kids (a blog for a different time.) Anyway, we needed some enrichment activities, without the dreaded question every week of..."what do we do now?" So we decided to create a…

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