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Real or Not Real-Conversation with Chris Cornell People, Grunge, Guys, Real, Cut And Color, Human, Persona, Beautiful One

Chris is one of these guys that will pop in to say ‘hi’. You cannot miss him. He’s been showing himself more and more lately and this morning I said we could channel if I had some time and it’s like I was handed a slot of time on a silver platter and so we chatted. Today we’re talking Real or Not Real. Some surprises in this one for sure. Folklore, fairy tale, mythology. It was a good time. Here’s Chris Cornell… K: Good Mornin’!!!!! C: (smiling) Good Mornin’. How are you? How are you Kim? K…

Energy Vampires-Conversation with Chris Cornell Seattle, People, Rock Bands, Grunge, Portrait, Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell, Chris, Men

K: Good morning, Chris.C: Good morning, Kim.K: Been a while for me.C: It hasn’t been that long.K: How are you?C: I’m good. (nods slowly thinking about it) I’m really good. I got a message from Paul that I needed to come in so here I am.K: We talked a bit this morning about what’s really been going on but it’s very synchronistic how that happened. I would say “divine intervention”. (finger quote)C: There always comes a point where the situation calls for it. There always comes a point where…