Christian denomination

Discover the various Christian denominations and their unique beliefs and practices. Find the perfect denomination that aligns with your spiritual journey and deepen your faith today.
THE CHRISTIAN FAMILY TREE* "Lam the Vine, you are the branches" (Jesus in John 15.5) = *From an American Perspective Compiled by The Rev. Nathan L. Bostian in 2014 C.O.G.1.C. 1897 'DISPENSATIONAL BIBLE CHURCHES 19005 is IS SS $ we yBERAL 0 ANABAPTIST <o 1SBTEW79 MNCANTE pr "ry iREEK Knox ORTHODOX MORAVIAN BRETHREN 1457 Luthey > THE "EASTERN" CHURCH UTHER CHURCH OPIAN 52 SM 1799, S. z Yen! Ons 'hee "PROTESTANT" "ASSYRIAN CHALDEAN CHuRcH OF CHURCHES EAST Nes, "ECUMENICAL 'APPROKIMATE WORLDWIDE CHR Christian Denomination, Christian Religions, Bible Knowledge, Catholic Catechism, Theology, Christian Traditions, Catholic Faith, Bible Study Scripture, World Religions

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