Christmas party table

Elevate your holiday gathering with creative table decor ideas for your Christmas party. Set the perfect festive atmosphere with these inspiring and stylish suggestions.
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Christmas table decor goes elegant and simple with these natural and inexpensive ideas. Learn how to DIY a beautiful holiday centerpiece and table setting.

Julie Martin
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There’s something about those traditional Christmas colors and those nostalgic Christmas songs that make the holiday season so special. My parents used to play the same Christmas cassette tape each year while we decorated the tree or opened presents on...

Sheila Grube
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With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning your classy Christmas party. From stunning decorations to mouth-watering holiday treats, there are endless possibilities to ensure your soirée is nothing short of spectacular. Consider incorporating a traditional Christmas color scheme with pops of gold or silver accents for an elegant touch. - Lady Decluttered | Classy Christmas Party Decor and Food Ideas

Kaci Johnson-Nunez
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Hello friends….can you believe Christmas is over? I can’t but still trying to carry the magic of the season with me. Despite all my hemming and hawing about not being on track, things not getting done, being exhausted, not having a spare moment- despite all that, it turned out incredible! Somehow someway it always gets …

Kerri Chabot
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This gorgeous RUSTIC VINTAGE WOODLAND PARTY was submitted by Anna Hogbin of Mama Bear's Kitchen. I love the rustic yet elegant feel of this outdoor woodland dinner party! From the various deer and wood elements, to the red berries and twigs this party has so many darling details. The ideas in this woodland party would be perfect for a Christmas party, dinner party or birthday party. The rustic vintage woodland party ideas and elements to look for in this dinner event are:

Erica Ridgeway