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Immerse yourself in the captivating stories crafted by Christopher Paolini. Explore his fantasy novels and embark on thrilling adventures filled with magic, dragons, and epic battles.
Possibly on my to read list: Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini | The 51 Fantasy Series You Need To Read Before You Die

Eragon and its sequels are entry-level high fantasy. They’re thematically similar to fantasy classics such as the Earthsea novels or the Wheel of Time books, but written to be accessible to modern kids and young adults. The book has everything you’d expect: dragons, ultimate evil, and a farm boy thrust into the role of the hero. All in all, they’re a great introduction to the genre.

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May the wind and the sun always be at your back.— Thorn to Eragon Thorn was a red male dragon, bonded to Murtagh. He was trained to fight by Shruikan and by the time of the Battle of The Burning Plains he could breathe fire. Thorn was skilled at aerial combat, being able to compete with Saphira, even when he was severely injured. However, he never got the time to adjust to his body, since Galbatorix sped his growth with the help of Eldunarí, or the heart of hearts of other slain dragons…

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