Cinnamon swirl bread machine

Bake mouthwatering cinnamon swirl bread with your bread machine. Explore top recipes to make homemade bread that is infused with sweet cinnamon goodness. Start baking now!

<p>It’s easy to make home-baked bread, like this pretty loaf with a sweet cinnamon swirl running through it, with the help of a Cuisinart Compact Bread Maker. For the best results, put the ingredients in the bread machine in the order listed, with the yeast on top.</p>

Lyn Zb
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Fresh bread baking is one of the finest scents anyone can waken to. The cinnamon wafts throughout the house and it is intriguing to the olfactory.Truly, just the satisfying smell of this super easy-to-make cinnamon bread combined with the delicate but impactful cinnamon explosion in your mouth are the exact balance of bakery-crafted bread and it's yours to enjoy in this cinnamon sweet bread recipe with icing! . Using your bread machine and my cinnamon bread recipe, we are about to bake an…

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