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Discover creative clock partner strategies to foster collaboration and engagement in your classroom. Implement these effective techniques to enhance student interaction and teamwork.
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Choosing a partner can be a daunting task for teachers and students alike. A majority of the time I strategically choose partners for my students {depending on the task at hand} and there are times that I give them the a free choice option. Sometimes, however, it is just easier if it is chosen at

Megan Snow
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It's spring and if your classroom is anything like mine, then students are getting a bit antsy. In my classroom, I like to do a lot of paired work so that students can work together to share their thinking abut a recently learned concept. This is especially important in math since I have so many different levels of learners. I love to offer choice in my classroom, but if I allow students to choose their own partners every day, then they will end up working with the same partner again and…

Mrs. O "Knows"
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Oh. My. Goodness. Where did my summer go? I am sitting here on the couch on my last day of summer. Tomorrow I return for my first day of in-service. Who starts in-service on a FRIDAY?? Who does THAT??? and more importantly... why did the school district to that to us?!?! ugh.... I know I sound like I am complaining.... well yes.... I am complaining but not about starting school! Just in-service on Friday....but I AM really excited to start this school year off! In fact I am pretty stoked…

Tricia Blue
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Have you heard of clock partners? I first heard about this partnering strategy at a DI workshop a few years ago, but was a bit disappointed in the differentiation aspect. I liked the idea, but needed to make it better! Come on over and see how I change things up! You Might Also Like:Free Classroom ... Read More about Clock Partners

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