Close reading anchor chart

Enhance your close reading skills with these helpful anchor chart ideas. Discover how anchor charts can guide your reading comprehension and improve your understanding of texts.
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3-For-1 Special!

We've done a lot in the past three days. I'll do my best to keep you all caught up! I've been having some issues with my computer so it was a little bit of a struggle to blog this week. We created a publishing anchor chart to add to our Writer's Workshop wall. We discussed that a published piece of writing is a cleaned-up version of our revised and edited version. When a student is publishing, we should see their sloppy copy, their Quick Word book, and their clean looseleaf paper on their…

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Close Reading - Common Core Alligned

There has been lots of talk about close reading at my school site but there haven't been many people actually doing it. I tried it out after seeing another teacher's anchor chart and got up the courage to try something new in the classroom...once again. Seems like there's always something new doesn't it? Anyway, my class and I were doing a close reading of a section in our history textbook. There are so many opportunities to incorporate reading strategies to all core content areas! So we…

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