Coconut liqueur

Experience the tropical flavors of coconut liqueur with these delicious recipes. From refreshing cocktails to indulgent desserts, discover the perfect way to enjoy this exotic spirit.
Booze of the Week: Coconut Cream Liqueur. Ready in 20 minutes. Coconut Wine, Homemade Liqueur, Homemade Liqueur Recipes, Coconut Liqueur, Infused Liquors, Homemade Alcohol, Liquor Gifts, New Pope, Rum Cream

I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me. – Winston Churchill In honour of the new pope – liqueur made from coconut. Dressed in white from head to toe. (Was I just sacrilegious?) I’ve been lazy. I haven’t posted a homemade booze for all my dipsomaniac acquaintances in quite some time. My bad. I’ll blame it on the move, or the rain, or sun or whatever. But It’s time to rectify the situation. And with a good liqueur too. A useful liqueur. I found myself at loose ends…

Samantha Strang
Ingredients: Vodka:2 oz · Coffee Liqueur:1 oz · Coconut Milk:1 oz · Ice Cubes:To fill the glass · Grated Coconut:For garnish Coconut Milk Cocktail, Milk Cocktails, Coconut Cooler, White Russian Drink, Types Of Vodka, Coconut Milk Drink, White Russian Cocktail, Coconut Mojito, Creamy Cocktails

This cocktail is creamy, sweet, and slightly nutty. The coconut milk gives it a tropical twist, while the vodka and coffee liqueur provide a strong, robust flavor. It's a rich and indulgent drink that leaves a lingering taste of coconut on the palate.

Brenda Davis Wheeler
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