Coffee pods jewellery

Discover unique and stylish jewellery made from recycled coffee pods. Add a touch of eco-friendly fashion to your collection with these creative and sustainable coffee pod jewellery ideas.
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How to Make an Embossed Bracelet With Coffee Pods and Bicycle Tire: Hello everybody, we want to show you another way to use a bicycle tires and Nespresso coffee pods to make a bracelet. The materials we use to make this bracelet are: used Nespresso capsules, cleaned inner tube of a bike, jump rings, lobster clasp, b…

Nancy Schuler
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How to Make a Triangle Pendant With a Coffee Pod (2 Models): Hello everybody, To diversify from the traditional round shape of the coffee pod, we thought of a way to make them triangle shaped. We hope you like the instructable. Materials you need to make these 2 triangle models:5 coffee capsules, in our case …

Pat Haywood