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I was digging through the basement at an estate sale a while back, and found a manilla envelope full of vintage paint chip brochures - you gotta love the folks who never throw anything away! A couple of them are dated 1957, so I'm assuming they are all from around that time... Before I list them I figured I should scan in the chips to post here - they might be helpful to those folks who are retro renovating, and looking for authentic paint colors. Enjoy, and be sure to click to enlarge the…

Danielle Sansanese
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We had a great response from our previous blog post, How to Make 2017 Summer Pantone Colors with Colorized Resin. People found our formulas for creating the Pantone Colors with Nunn Design Resin and Castin’ Crafts Opaque Pigments really helpful. We had such a great response that we wanted to offer the 2017 Fall/Winter Pantone [...]

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