Community helpers counting

Engage your child in fun and educational counting activities inspired by community helpers. Help them develop their math skills while learning about important roles in their community.
Grab these free printable community helper hats and get suggestions on ways to use them in the classroom or at home.

Grab 11 free printable community helper hats for jobs including Firefighter, construction worker, police officer, chef, nurse, mail carrier, soldier, and more. What a great send-home activity!

Tania Canelho

Do your kiddos love community helpers? Mine sure do, so this theme was a BLAST! These activities and printables come from my Community Helper Pack in my TPT shop. They are perfect for preschool and PreK students. Community Helper Pack Post Office Beginning Sounds- We stared the week by playing post office. Hayden matched the post cards to a stamp with that beginning sound. I attached each stamp with Velcro, and he placed it in our Melissa and Doug mailbox. He LOVED this, and it kept both my…

Anna H