Community helpers for kids

Engage and educate your kids with these fun and interactive activities that teach them about different community helpers. Discover a range of crafts, games, and role-playing ideas to inspire their curiosity and appreciation for these important professions.

FREE printable Paper Hats that kids can color and wear when learning about community helpers, occupations, or when doing dramatic and pretend play. Great for preschool and kindergarten!

SSKE1 The student will describe the work that people do (police officer, fire fighter, soldier, mail carrier, baker, farmer, doctor, and teacher). Pre K, Anchor Charts, Sight Words, Community Helpers Unit, Community Helper Lesson, Community Helpers, Community Helper, Community Helpers Kindergarten, Prek Community Helpers

I hope everyone has gotten back into the routine of school. My kiddos are working hard each day to remember our expectations and daily routines, as well as learning lots of new skills. We started our phonics skills progression two weeks ago. We focused on short a the first week and then short a word families the next week. Each new vowel I am making an anchor poster to display in the room. The kiddos came up with all of the words and then I added the pictures. Anchor charts are such a great…

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As parents and educators, we strive to impart valuable knowledge to our preschoolers while making learning enjoyable. Introducing worksheets on community helpers to kids’ minds...

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