Concepts of print

Learn how to teach the concepts of print effectively with this comprehensive guide. Explore strategies and activities to help students develop essential reading skills.
Concepts of Print anchor charts and lessons from Ketchen's Kindergarten, including Parts of a Book! Pre K, Anchor Charts, Readers Workshop, Parts Of A Book, Library Lessons, School Reading, Kindergarten Reading, Reading Workshop, Kindergarten Writing

We are working hard at learning all of the concepts of print! My kiddos are doing really well (which is good since I feel like we've been talking about it for years!) with all of it - and are actually applying what they have learned when they partner share about reading books. These anchor charts aren't anything new - but I've made one for the past 3 years and they really do help. Last year, we did Eric Carle's VHC. Please excuse my hand drawn illustration (can't draw for the life of me)…

Teach Print Concepts like tracking, one-to-one, Return Sweep, and more! Reading, Montessori, Phonics, English, Pre K, Teaching Literacy, Kindergarten Language, Teaching Kindergarten, Kindergarten Language Arts

Are you back to school yet? The schools in my area returned last week. As you get settled into your routine and start shifting into the academics, prepare for the painful reminder that most of your kids have no idea how to read -- like no clue at all where to even begin! Remember those kids you waved off in May or June -- those BIG kid READERS AND WRITERS? Well, you gotta start somewhere. So today I'm going to share a couple ideas for going back to the basics with Print Concepts! When your…

Samantha Kelly