Corner basket wall

Transform your empty corner into a stylish and functional space with these creative basket wall ideas. Find inspiration and organize your belongings with a unique touch.
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As spring makes its long-awaited arrival and the outside world comes alive again, it’s the perfect time to follow suit indoors and refresh your home’s interiors by giving new life to antique accents. From passed-down furnishings to sought-after collections and small, stumbled-upon treasures, vintage touches add character and charm to any cottage. This style spans many looks—timeworn and weathered, ornate and pristinely preserved, and everything in between—and we’ve rounded up some of our…

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To us, home is more than a just place. It’s a feeling. We believe the best spaces are designed to make you feel at peace, spark joy, and bring people together. From new construction to renovation and remodels, every space we touch is intentionally designed to add more beauty to your life—without sacrificing comfort or functionality.

Angela Machin, Realtor