Countertop slabs

Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with high-quality countertop slabs. Explore a variety of options and find the perfect slab to enhance the beauty and functionality of your space.
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Picking back up our kitchen series this week as we have had to make some big decisions for our remodel! Today we are taking a deep dive into types of kitchen countertop surface materials. We are breaking down the pros and cons as well as price differences to consider. We spend a lot of time

FANCY KITCHEN COUNTERTOP EDGES… let’s talk ogee, laminate, and CRAZY thick. - Victoria Elizabeth Barnes Art Deco, Home Décor, Granite Edge Profiles, Countertop Slabs, Counter Edges, Quartzite Countertops, Kitchen Countertop Edges, Countertops, Granite Edges

Because I am a feisty prairie woman of grit and determination, I have hauled home a stoneyard’s worth of marble and slate. here is our slate here is our marble I prize it. Along with my fine collection of burlap sacks. But because I married a fancypants townman… every time I try to talk to […]

Brian Ree
Some day I'm going to redo my kitchen - Here's What an Etch on a Marble Countertop Actually Looks Like Design, Countertop Materials, Countertops, Laminate Countertops, Refinish Countertops, Kitchen Countertop Materials, Kitchen Decor, Modern Kitchen, Diy Kitchen

When my husband and I were researching our kitchen renovation a couple years ago, marble countertops were the clear frontrunner, but we were nervous about the inevitable etching. So we paid visits to every marble-topped bar and marble-furnished ice cream parlor we could find, cocking our heads to the side, peering down long polished surfaces to examine the damage left by countless drippy glasses and plates of spaghetti. We ended up with marble and we’re very happy with it.

Kiersten Schults