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Explore a collection of mouthwatering country ham recipes that will satisfy your cravings. From classic dishes to creative twists, discover the perfect recipe for your next meal.
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How to EASILY Cook a Country Ham (and Make It Turn Out AWESOME).: Instructions for cooking country hams are usually two ways: Bake at 500F for 15 minutes, let sit for 2hours, bake at 500F for 15 minutes and let sit for 6 hours. -or- Boil the ham on the stove. Both SUCK. The instructions from the ham companies are …

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A country ham is known best for its salty taste. I've only ever met people who either love or hate a salty ham. I've also met folks who think they like a salty ham until they've tried a real country ham. If you've had one, you know what I'm talking about. Seasonal holidays like Easter and Christmas always mean the slow, simmering smells of a salty country ham slowly cooking away in the oven. While it's only about twice a year I go all out and cook an entire ham — the method I use is simpler…

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