Cranberry tart

Indulge in the sweet and tangy flavors of cranberry with these mouthwatering tart recipes. Discover how to create a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness in every bite.
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If you are a fan of lemon curd or the classic French tarte au citron, you will love this cranberry version. To minimize kitchen time, make it in stages, preparing the crust and curd a day or two in advance. The finished tart keeps well for a couple of days too. The wheat-free hazelnut crust is adapted from a cookie recipe from the pastry chef and writer David Lebovitz’s popular website.

Victoria Baugh
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Silky cranberry curd cradled in a nutty, buttery crust has the bracing punch of a lemon tart, but its vivid color makes it look downright regal. Our cranberry curd tart showcases cranberries’ bold flavor and brilliant color while making use of their ample pectin content. The cranberry filling started with a quick simmer, which softened the berries, releasing their acids and pectin. We immediately pureed the berries with egg yolks and cornstarch, using the berries’ heat to cook the eggs and…

Ariel Powell