Crawfish cream sauce recipe

Add a burst of flavor to your dishes with this mouthwatering crawfish cream sauce recipe. Learn how to make this creamy and savory sauce that will elevate your meals to the next level.
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INGREDIENTS:2 Catfish FilletsBlackened seasoning blend 1⁄2 tbsp of olive oil8 oz of crawfish tails1 tbsp of butter1 tbsp of flour1⁄3 of a yellow onion chopped 1 tbsp of garlic16 oz of Heavy cream4 oz of Cream cheeseTony'sParmesan cheeseOld bayGarlic powderOreganoOnion powder1 cup of monterey cheese1⁄2 cup of pepper jack cheeseINSTRUCTIONS:blackened catfish1. Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium high heat.2. Season both sides of the catfish with the blackened seasoning.3. Place fish in the…

Casey Harris
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One things I miss most about home is the seafood. I grew up surrounded by some of the most tasty and fresh seafood in the country. When my parents were planning their trip to visit me in Tahoe I just had to request that they bring me some good ol' Louisiana seafood. And boy did they deliver! My mom brought me crawfish tails and jumbo shrimp, for the past few weeks it has all been in my freezer and on my mind! The one dish I could not stop thinking about once I saw the crawfish was red…

Lisa McCain
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In Louisiana we have 5 seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and CRAWFISH SEASON. Any Louisianan can tell you when they’re coming, when to get the big ones, and when the price per pound will drop. I’m pretty sure most of us learned to peel crawfish before we learned our ABCs. I mean it was either they teach us or spend the entire crawfish boil peeling crawdads for us tiny tots. Today I’m going to share a recipe with this local delicacy ( already peeled like ya mom and dem use to do for ya…

Elizabeth Ceranowski