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Explore a collection of creative and inspiring cross crafts ideas. Get inspired to create beautiful and meaningful crafts with crosses for various occasions and decorations.

I was commissioned to make this mosaic cross for a newly built small church in Texas. This 3-demensional cross features recycled china shards from a variety of…

Devin Graf
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I love everything about the cross. It is the most beautiful and bittersweet reminder of what the Lord has done for us so that we can be with Him in heaven one day. And not only that, but the cross helps me remember how to live my own life! Philippians 2:8 says, “He was obedient […]

Fel Atkinson-Divitt
Palm Crosses - Crafts a la mode

I just wanted to do a quick post about making palm crosses today. I made a Squidoo page about Palm Crosses and put on links for how to make them and videos, too. Check it out HERE- Palm Crosses. I made these! This is very new for me. When I was coming out of church I saw a woman who had one of these little woven thingees and asked her how to do it. She showed me but I didn’t quite get it but my friend’s daughter said, “Oh, I know how to do that”. We came home with lots of palms. :) And she…

Juan Lopez

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