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Engage your child in fun and educational activities as part of the Cub Scouts Bear program. Discover exciting ideas to help your child develop important skills and build lifelong friendships.
Here is a PRINTABLE & EDITABLE document you can give out to the families in your Den. This site has a lot of Blue & Gold Ideas, Tracking Sheets & lots of other great Cub Scout Ideas compliments of Humour, Cubs, Cub Scout Law, Cub Scout Skits, Cub Scout Games, Cub Scout Activities, Scout Leader, Scout Camping Activities, Scout Mom

I am looking for help to make new parent information sheets. Anyone interested in helping me with this? I just need help researching, but I will type up the new one. Please? Certain BEAR Cub Scout requirements need to be done at home with the family. Here is a list to give parents of things they do at home with their Cub Scout. There are certain things in the book that a Cub Scout Leader can not do with their scouts, and it gives parents a place to start when they want to help their son pass…

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What Are The Cub Scouts Bear Requirements? The Bear Cub Scout Requirements consists of 6 Required Adventures and 13 Elective Adventures. Cub Scouts has 6 different ranks, the Bear Cub Scout rank is for third graders. Find What You Want Fast – Table of Contents Bear Cub Scout – Required Adventures The following 6 Adventures ... Read more

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