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Their Wife

"G-Get away from me" evelyn said, she tried to sound brave but it came out as a request. She tried to push ace and noah away but elijah held her hair roughly "don't you dare push us away" he roared and she whimpered. ------ Evelyn Winters-An innocent girl who is homeschooled her entire life. She is oblivious to all the dangers of the world. The Storm Brothers Ace Noah Elijah They are triplets, and also the CEOs of Storm Interprices. They don't show any hesitation on killing those people who…

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The CEO's Safe Haven [EDITING SOON!]

"Your not serious right?" He gave me a bored look, turning around to face me fully. He brought his face a little closer and parted his lips to reply, "Kitten I've been serious the moment you fell into my arms" --- Noah King had it all. He was well-known, handsome, influential, and the CEO of his company; King Enterprise. He knew he had everything but deep down, he knew that he was missing something. That 'missing something' was no longer incomplete within a few weeks. Now, what would you do…

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