Dark curtains living room

Transform your living room into a sophisticated space with elegant dark curtains. Explore top ideas to add depth and drama to your living area with the perfect curtains.
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When purchasing a home, most people hanker over what color window treatments to buy. While many factors may affect this decision, such as personal preference, sense of style, furniture type, etc., the most obvious one is the color or your walls. This begs the question, ‘should curtains be lighter or darker than walls?’ Whether your […]

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If you are looking for what color curtains go with gray walls, look no further. As a neutral color, gray will blend with many décor styles to create a unique and cozy space. The trick is to blend gray with darker or lighter colors to not distract from the feature accents. The color curtains and décor you choose to pair with gray walls will depend on your decor preference and style. Transform and keep with minimalist aesthetics with monochromatic gray window treatments and walls paired with…

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