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Boils, ghouls, vampires, monsters, and creatures of all kinds, welcome! Take a seat, go on, fill the aisles, relax your fangs, and sit with us for a while. Dark Horse Comics invites you to a screening of the 1990 Frank Henenlotter dark comedy, FRANKENHOOKER, followed by a discussion of new comics Count Crowley: Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter, Headless Horseman Halloween Annual 2023, and more spooky reads with creators Tyler Crook and Lukas Ketner, featuring a special video appearance by…

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Something I did for fun two years ago I think, was gonna send it as a submission to Dark Horse, but then I read all the rules they had for submissions so I didn't. in no way is this official or something that Dark Horse are working on- far as I know I love both characters and for 7 years I had this idea of a crossover with them, so I just did a visualization of what that might look like Hellboy and the Mask rights and stuff owned by their respective owners hope yah like

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