David Lachapelle

Explore the mesmerizing world of David Lachapelle's artworks. Discover his unique style and compelling narratives that will leave you inspired and intrigued.
Photographer David LaChapelle: ‘I never wanted to shoot another pop star – I was tortured by them’ | Photography | The Guardian Michael Jackson, David Lachapelle, Angeles, David, Biblical Studies, Michael, Michelangelo, Michael J, Jackson's Art

His lurid aesthetic shaped the celebrity age, but 11 years ago LaChapelle escaped to a farm in Hawaii. He talks about his journey from 14-year-old gay runaway in Warhol’s New York to enlightened ‘Grandpa Moses of photography’


When we met, we hit it off really well and it was a really fun day. I saw her a week before the shoot at this art thing in L.A. and I said to (...)