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Discover essential tips and techniques for successful deer hunting. Learn how to track, spot, and bag your trophy buck with these expert strategies.
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The ability to age live deer is a beneficial skill for all deer hunters and managers. Visit our site to learn Techniques for Aging Live Deer. | White-tailed deer managementThis deer conservation guide is one in a series developed jointly by MU Extension and the Missouri Department of Conservation.Robert A. Pierce IIFisheries and Wildlife State SpecialistSchool of Natural ResourcesJason SumnersResource ScientistMissouri Department of ConservationEmily FlinnResource ScientistMissouri…

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Sometimes, whether you're stuck in an early-fall lull before the rut kicks in or dealing with ghost bucks that seem to move solely at night, the only way to get a shot at a giant is to push him to another hunter. Drives with a bow can work--and work well--but it takes a different approach from the typically loud and aggressive orange-army pushes more common to gun season. Try these two- and three-man deer drives the next time that big boy won't cooperate by walking by of his own volition…

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every Fall I look forward to my own personal assignment of photographing whitetails & mule deer during the rut. The season has just begun and right off the bat all the scouting is paying off. I'll be working hard this week to get some nice images of deer in the Fall colors before all the leaves fall. After that I'll be traveling all around Kansas right up to Thanksgiving. I hope to share some wonderful images of whitetails, mule deer and pronghorn and finish my blog about my travels before…

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