Deep frying pan

Upgrade your cooking experience with a high-quality deep frying pan. Find the perfect pan that will help you achieve delicious and crispy results every time you cook.
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Amazon shoppers say Sensarte's ceramic nonstick deep saute pan is an "excellent fry skillet" that should be the "one pot for everything." Its nonstick coating works so well, food "literally slides out." Shop it on sale with a 5%-off coupon right now.

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Cooking Method: Deep Frying What is Deep Frying? Deep frying is one of a fat cooking method in which food is submerged in the most commonly hot oil. Deep frying temperature: 170 – 191°C Using high smoking point and natural flavor oils Sauces make separately Served immediately. Deep-Frying Method Read: Compound Butter High Smoking Point Oils Recommendation Coconut oil: 205- 230°C smoking point Canola oil: 220-230°C smoking point Avocado oil: 270°C smoking point Peanut oil: 227-230°C smoking…

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About this item [Superior Nonstick Performance] - Our saute pan, made with natural granite materials, provides superior nonstick performance with 100% PFOA Free and non-toxic properties. Enjoy healthier cooking with less oil intake. Advanced technology ensures a durable and naturally nonstick surface that effortlessly releases food. [Super Easy to Clean] - Featuring 5x nonstick ability and a rivetless interior, our deep frying pan prevents food from sticking. After use, simply rinse it with…

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