Different types of triangles

Explore various types of triangles and learn about their unique properties. Enhance your knowledge of geometry and understand the characteristics of equilateral, scalene, and isosceles triangles.
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These eye-catching bulletin board posters will help your students learn the types of triangles and will look GREAT on your word wall with your anchor charts. Some of your students may need help mem…

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Name of School: Billabong High International School Name of Activity: Types of triangles Grade Level: 3 Subject(s): Math Art(s) Integrated: Drawing, painting Topic/Chapter: Types of triangles Sub-Topic/Concept: Understanding different types of triangles Learning Outcome(s): The learners will be able to • understand the different types of triangles i.e. Equilateral, Scalene and Isosceles • identify these triangles in their daily life, while using day to day objects Ideated by: Swati Singh…

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