Dill popcorn seasoning recipe

Enhance the flavor of your popcorn with this irresistible dill seasoning recipe. Learn how to make your own homemade popcorn seasoning and enjoy a tasty snack with a refreshing twist.
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When homemade popcorn pairs up with dill pickle seasoning, it's a match made in heaven. It's tangy, dill-forward, and savory! You won't be able to get enough of this easy snack. Even better? It's ready in just 5 minutes!

Samantha Beard
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This addictively tangy Dill Pickle Popcorn is ready in just 10 minutes! Made with only 6 pantry staple ingredients including popcorn kernels, melted butter, dried dill, garlic powder, pickle juice, and black pepper, this quick and easy popcorn snack is bursting with bright, savory flavor in every crunchy bite. The key is tossing the hot popped corn with a seasoned melted butter mixture made with zesty pickle brine, which infuses each kernel with a perfect bite of dill and vinegar.

Ashleigh Johnson
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Like DORITOS but Don't Like the Chemical Topping? Try this Dorito Popcorn Recipe to get the flavor of Doritos, but without the toxins--plus it's dairy free too!

Danielle Clarke
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I’ve been checking out the stats on my blog traffic lately and what I’ve found is that aside from my regular readers, I’m getting a lot of hits through search engines. It seems the three biggest mixes are bouillon, burrito seasoning and dill pickle popcorn seasoning. I stand by my bouillon and burrito seasoning mixes 100%, but I’ve always been a bit disappointed in my dill pickle seasoning. It’s good enough to eat, but it doesn’t have that mouth puckering sourness that everyone looks for in…

Marilyn Lile