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Discover easy-to-make DIY furniture cleaner recipes to keep your home looking sparkling clean. Learn how to make your own natural cleaners and save money while keeping your furniture looking its best.
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Okay have any of you out there tried this homemade Miracle Fabric Cleaner?! It really is what it says! I don’t where I have been all of my life, but this stuff is wonderful!! :)I have tried it on stains and they came right out. I have even tried it on old stains that have … Continue reading DIY Miracle Fabric Cleaner! →

Ressi Jae
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If you are still using store bought cleaning solutions in your home, you need to stop doing that today. Over the years I have been posting homemade solutions such as the diy grease cleaner spray, the homemade mold and mildew spray and the homemade dusting spray. In today's post I will be showing you how

Ann Campbell
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Homemade Furniture Polish – Best Smelling DIY Essential Oil Dusting Spray Recipe How to make homemade furniture polish with essential oils (lemon, orange and pine) to dust and polish your...

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