DIY Halloween body parts

Get creative this Halloween with DIY body parts decorations. Transform your home into a haunted house with these eerie and realistic DIY ideas that will give your guests a frightful experience.
paper mache zombie

How to Make Zombies Out of Junk: Unfortunately I couldn't get the instructable to save and add a new page so I am reduced to a slideshow. It isn't hard to make a zombie and other than a few things, it was made from junk. The things I used are:Metal clotheshangers (both …

Annette Smith

How to Make Creepy Zombie Hands Cheap and Easy: I wanted to add a little more spookiness to our yard decorations. Originally I was going to use some bought items from the dollar store. In previous years I have purchased some skulls and some skeletal hands from the dollar store but this year I w…

Jennifer Karnik
Make a Spooky "Touch and Feel" Coffin for Halloween - Good for teaching about the senses! Add fresh pumpkin seeds for something extra sticky and "creepy". From a Lemon Squeezy Home Feel Boxes For Halloween, How To Make A Brain For Halloween, Halloween Party Touch And Feel, Touch Boxes For Halloween, Halloween Feeling Boxes, Mystery Feel Box Halloween, Mystery Boxes For Halloween, Spooky Touch And Feel Boxes, Feel Boxes Halloween

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