Diy moving

Learn how to make your move stress-free and budget-friendly with these easy and affordable DIY moving tips. Get expert advice and step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth and efficient move.
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There’s nothing like putting all your worldly possessions into boxes to make you question why you even own things in the first place. Moving is already overwhelming, and deciding what you should keep (and what you should toss) makes it even harder. It’s all too easy to arrive in the land of two extremes: Get rid of too much stuff, or just throw it all in boxes and unpack your clutter in a new location.

Melinie diLuck
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When we made the decision that we were going to move earlier this year, I knew I had a ton of work on my hands. Packing up our entire house into cardboard boxes was an overwhelming thought for me. It was made a great deal easier by KonMari-ing our home prior to packing up, but […]

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It's officially moving season!!! Whether you are super excited about moving or are dreading your big move (I am totally with you on that one), these moving hacks and moving tips will be perfect for you and make the stressful day a whole lot easier. Like I said, moving day is stressful. And the last

Meaghan Hahn