Doctor who christmas

Get into the holiday spirit with these exciting Doctor Who Christmas ideas. From themed decorations to festive recipes, discover how to celebrate Christmas like a true Whovian.
Celebrate Christmas the Geeky Way with These Cute Cards | The Mary Sue Doctor Who Art, Doctor Who, Natal, Fandom, Christmas, Harry Potter, Halloween, Geeks, 11th Doctor

It is now officially December, which means it's about time to get your Christmas cards in order. If you celebrate Christmas, that is. And if you send Christmas cards. I don't do the latter, but these geeky-friendly cards by Melbourne illustrator Alicia (AliciaMB on RedBubble) almost make me want to. Even if I find the idea of a Christmas-ified Hunger Games just the tiiiiniest bit disturbing ("Yay, a new bow that I can use to defend myself from people who want to kill me! It's a Christmas…

Rich Thomas